Anti-Hate Crime

It’s been an exceptionally busy time for Reality Theatre since our last production, ‘Stand By Your Man’.  We became a Community Interest Company, which was great news, and I have been busy trying to raise funds to keep us going.  Initially, I gave myself a year to pilot Reality Theatre as a prospective community business.  Just as the money was about to run out and I figured I’d have to go back to a ‘proper job’ and fold the company, the hard work paid off.  We have just been give our first pot of funding from the amazing Communities First, as well as conditional funding for a research project we shall be moving on to next (as soon as conditions are met, I shall announce further details).  Suffice to say, this has been a very hard period, but so worth it when I look at the work we have carried out and the work that we are about to do.  Without the fantastic team, none of this would have been possible and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them all for giving up their time, with no payment, to make this work.  Guys, I promise as soon as funding comes in, you will be paid for your services whenever possible!

In the meantime, work on the Crush Hate Crime festival is well underway and I take my hat off to all event organisers and promoters out there – this has been such a difficult and stressful event to manage and it’s been wonderful to see my son, Joe, rise to the occasion and take care of the music side of things.

The play, ‘Just a Bit of Banter’, is a brutal look at prejudice in the UK and raises questions about discrimination: what exactly is hate crime?  What does it means to be British, and how do the police deal with such crimes? Needless to say, the research element of this has been harrowing and I’ve been filled with great sadness; this is nothing compared to the suffering that victims of such vile crimes go through.

Please come along and support us.  Further dates to be announced soon.hate crime