Working in an Arts Centre


I have to say that it is particularly awesome having an office/studio in the Barnabas Arts House in Newport.  This building, of which many local people are not even aware, is an oasis of calm in the centre of an urban industrial landscape. Full of books, pictures, paintings, and a wonderful cafe with the best Welsh cakes I’ve ever had, I feel especially intellectual and, dare I say it, quite arty, residing here.  My productivity levels have also increased, due to the inspirational surroundings, which my husband will be glad to hear, seeing as he’s paying the rent on the studio until ‘things improve’ for us.

Below, you can see the area directly outside our office – the little door our entrance, should you wish to visit us.  Come along, say hello, have a coffee, at the Barnabas Arts House, New Ruperra Street, Newport.