Time for a British Superhero?

The current trend of female super-heroes seen in comic book/graphic novel form and on the big and small screen (heroes such as Jessica Jones, Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Elektra, amongst others) show that the time is right not just for a British super hero, but a Welsh female action hero to compete in a global market. ‘Red Dragon’ is a cross-platform project, consisting of a graphic novel and a pilot script for on-line streaming, which draws upon elements of Welsh culture and mythology to bring a fantasy style into a modern-day revenge tale.


Introducing…Red Dragon

Imagine a real super hero, with real powers, in the real world.           And she’s Welsh.

rd 1                                  (Illustrated by Matt Riste)

As a child, Red immersed herself in the folk lore of fairies, elves, dragons and giants, the make-believe world allowing her to escape the misery of her young life. 
Little did she know that one day, she would possess the powers of one of the most dangerous of the mythical creatures and become Red Dragon, the star of the Circus of Freaks.
Just like the Welsh dragon in her childhood stories, awoken from its slumber beneath the Welsh hills, Red is forced to emerge from the shadows and fight to protect her family of freaks.

When the law fails, natural  justice prevails…


(Illustrations by Matt Riste, 2017)




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