Reality Theatre is a community interest company aiming to bring about change through the use of theatre and music.

We are a social enterprise company based in Newport, South Wales, aiming to bring together theatre and music to develop an alternative entertainment scene to that of the traditional arts and cultural provision. Our Festival Projects give platforms to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, to share stories, talents and skills, to create a sense of community and to engage new audiences who may rarely attend theatre or music gigs.

But we also have a more serious aim: to perform plays based on the real issues that affect us, issues like poverty, care of the elderly, addiction, loneliness, mental health, hate crime – the list goes on. We engage with and utilise real people, people who have been affected by the issues being presented, people who have family members or friends who may be suffering, people who care about society, people who want to make a difference. Our work, whenever possible, is presented to those who make decisions at a local or national level, those involved in social care, third sector practice or the police and justice system: those who can help and support us to bring about social change.

We present hard hitting issues in a hard hitting way – this is Reality Theatre:

                Real people, real issues, real theatre.