My Condition and Me


Our next production is based upon the issue of mental illness, a highly relevant topic today, with many suffering, or knowing someone who suffers from, some form of mental illness.  Currently, it is estimated that one in four people in the UK suffers from some form of mental illness, with problems ranging from anxiety to schizophrenia.  This play explores the different attitudes displayed towards those suffering from bi-polar, but it also confronts the very idea of psychosis, a word with the capacity to frighten us, yet often remains misunderstood.

My Condition and Me is an adaptation of our previous Halloween Nightmare (October 2016), an experimental piece of theatre utilising music and dance to express the inner torment of the lead character, as represented by the Manifestations and Creatures that plagued him.  These Manifestations were given a symbolic ontology of their own, in an attempt to represent the reality of visual hallucinations as seen by those suffering such psychotic episodes.

For this forthcoming performance of My Condition and Me, we have omitted the experimental aspects and returned to a more traditional approach, as seen in our previous production of Waiting for Harry (July 2016).  The lead role is played by our youngest member, Dean Morgan, 21, who brings a very raw and honest quality to the performance by drawing upon his own experiences with mental illness.

Our aim at Reality Theatre is not to educate or pass judgement, nor even to pass comment. It is simply to present…to present the issues that can affect each and every one of us, to present an image of what life is like for some within our own society.

If you wish to comment, share any thoughts or even your experiences of mental illness, then please use the contact page to get in touch.  We welcome your input and feedback.

You can watch My Condition and Me on January 11, 2017, in the Pen and Wig,  Stow Hill, Newport.